Essentials For Any Restaurant Business


Depending on the nature of your restaurant, you will need different types of equipment for cooking, storage, and transportation. The type of food you will be serving and how much you plan to serve will have a significant impact on the size and type of restaurant equipment you need.


Everything your restaurant needs to function comes from somewhere — and most things need regular replenishment (like ingredients, miscellaneous small wares or food storage containers). There are a variety of restaurant suppliers that you’ll look to for these items. These range from large, national food providers to local produce and small-scale suppliers of specialized supplies like kitchen paper towels or to-go containers.


A restaurant manager needs to have problem-solving skills and the ability to build a team spirit among employees. This can prevent conflict and boost staff productivity. It is important to have an employee handbook that outlines expectations and employee-related policies.

A point of sale (POS) system is essential to a well-functioning restaurant. It allows front-of-house staff to enter customer orders into a computer, which communicates with a kitchen display system (KDS) such as Lightspeed’s to let back-of-house cooks know what to prepare for each order.


Keeping track of inventory is one of the most important tasks in any restaurant. Having accurate records can save restaurants money by reducing overstocking and shortages. It can also help managers monitor food and beverage costs.

Taking inventory is a time-consuming task. It is best done when the kitchen is not busy or accepting deliveries. It’s important to set a regular schedule for inventory and train staff so that they can get it done without error.