Ways to Make Your Restaurant Stand Out

If you are looking to make your restaurant stand out in the market, you need to do so with creative marketing strategies. It is important that you understand how to come up with these strategies so that you will be able to make your restaurant stand out from other restaurants. When it comes to advertising, it is very important to consider the fact that it has become one of the most effective tools you can use in promoting your business.

Advertising is not something that you can ignore if you want to increase your profitability. It is one of the factors that can help you build a good reputation for your restaurant. In order to get more customers to visit …

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Self Storage Glasgow Units Helped Our Refurb

We are delighted to reopen our doors to our beloved customers in a few weeks, but in the meantime, we would like to thank self storage Glasgow Units for helping us with our refurb. We had to find a safe place for our belongings before we could begin our refurb. We were unsure if we could find a place to store everything safely for a reasonable price. However, self storage Glasgow units helped us to store all our belonging for a few months for an imaginable price too.

storage glasgow

What Can Self Storage Glasgow Units Offer?

Self storage Glasgow units are a rapidly growing industry in which self-storage space, generally referred to as “self storage units”, is leased to renters, …

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Tilers In Glasgow Helped Our Refurb

We recently underwent a big refurb of our kitchen and hall areas, and although they are not directly customer-facing areas, we still wanted them to look stunning. One of the first things you need to do when planning a restaurant refurbishment is to make a list of all the requirements. This list should contain everything from menu prices to lighting and even the use of the restaurant’s name. We had to add tilers in Glasgow to our list, since we were struggling to find one locally.

tilers in glasgow

Tilers In Glasgow For Our Kitchen

You should start this list by listing all the equipment and supplies that are required to run the business, including the kitchen equipment. It will also be necessary …

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Get an Upholsterer Falkirk Restaurants Need

Repurposing and upcycling are trending hard right now.  More and more people are trying to remove themselves from the ‘throw-away culture’ that is rife in western countries, and they trying to lead a less wasteful life.  Upcycling is the act of taking something that would be otherwise discarded and giving it a new lease of life as something altogether new.  People also refer to it as creative reuse, which is exactly what it is. 

Upholsterer Falkirk

It could be something as simple as using an old wine bottle as a candle holder, or the classic trend at the moment which takes an old wooden ladder with a lick of paint and transforms into a cool shelving solution.  While upcycling is a relatively …

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Restaurant Design Inspiration for 2020

If you are planning on opening your own restaurant in 2020, or you have big plans for renovations, then our 2020 round up of trending restaurant designs in a must read.

Moving forward from 2019 there has been plenty of stand out designs from the year and lots of inspirational ideas for 2020.


This one is leading on directly from 2019 trends, which saw plenty of big and bold graphics as well as diagrams and infomercial type content.  Why not throw up rustic looking banner on one of your walls with a bold font and attention grabbing details about your restaurant of the food it serves.

Open Plan

While this may not be a new idea it is …

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