Block Paving Glasgow Driveways: A Brief Guide

Block paving driveways have become one of the most popular types of driveways among homeowners when buying or renovating a property. This type of driveway is simply made up of bricks that can come in many different colours and designs. The bricks are often made up of concrete or occasionally clay and other materials to make it strong and durable. Block paving driveways in Glasgow are also a great choice to opt for when installing your driveway as they are made from highly recyclable materials, making them eco-friendly.

Benefits Of Block Paving

Low Maintenance

This type of driveway has the benefit of being extremely low maintenance for the owner. Due to the driveway being made up of bricks, it does not need sanding or polished, or even repainted at any time. The best way to keep block paving looking fresh, is to clean it with warm soapy water.

Weather Resistant

Due to the materials that the bricks consist of it makes the driveway weather resistant. Block paving can withstand harsh conditions like rain, wind, and snow without any breakage or damage.


Block paving comes in many different colours, shades, and designs to fit your garden/driveway desires. There is an option for everyone to choose from.


These driveways are said to last for 20+ years. They are hard-wearing, resistant to damage, easy to clean, and strong enough for heavy vehicles. It will also remain unaffected by most chemicals.


The cost of block paving per m2 can vary depending on the manufacturer/seller. Although, on average, it is believed to cost anywhere between £35-70. The price overall will depend on how big the area is that you are installing, and the labour costs to complete the works.

Block paving is slightly more expensive than slabs and tarmac, although not by much. For the increased durability, appearance, and quality, many people find it worth paying the extra fee for paving.

Property Value Increase

Home’s that offer a driveway are often sold quicker than homes that don’t. A driveway is seen as a very attractive feature to many buyers, especially if the property is located on a busy road/street. By upgrading your driveway or installing one altogether, you can add up to 10% onto your estimated property value, resulting in increased profitability. In addition, homes with attractive features like driveways, are much easier for estate agents to sell. Which means, it is unlikely that your home will be left on the market for a long period of time.

Final Words

When considering which material to use for your new Glasgow driveway, consider block paving. With all its features and property benefits, you will find a worthy investment. Even if you do not plan to sell in the near future, it is best to keep an open mind and think of what you can invest in now, to add value later. You can give your home an advantage to the rest, with a modern outside visual.