Lactose-free milk pros and cons

Why should you need to bring a change in your diet plan even if you have a positive report lactose test in your hands? The biggest concern in the mind of those people whose bodies refuse to tolerate a small amount of lactose is the safety of lactose-free milk.

The fear of developing the same conditions like bursting sound of bubbles in the tummy, frequent urge to use the loo, and tummy aches stop people from using lactose-free milk.

This post will draw a line between the advantages of using lactose-free milk and the drawbacks of consuming it. After reading the post, you will have a clear understanding of whether you should purchase it for use or not?

Why do you need to use lactose-free milk?

The digestive system fails to catabolize the complex disaccharide into simpler molecules due to some error. The problem is due to the absence of lactase enzyme, which is the trump card of the whole game.

A person may lack this enzyme due to family background and genetic disorder or a recent encounter with any enteric pathogenic microbe.

Oat Milk

How is lactose-free milk made?

There is nothing complicated in the manufacturing process of this milk. You can also make it at your own home if you don’t want to buy it from any pharmacy.

The companies use lactase enzyme and add it to the regular cow milk and incubate the batch for a fixed period.

The enzyme degrades the disaccharide into simple sugars, easy to absorb for villi. If you want to make lactose-free milk at your home, you can purchase lactase pills from the market and perform the steps mentioned in the instructions.

What are the plus points of using lactose-free milk?

You have shown great responsibility after providing your sample for the lactose test! But if you are hesitating that your doctor has prescribed you a medicated milk which you have to use against the natural milk, then you need to calm down.

There is nothing to worry about; the product is commercially manufactured by different companies and is approved by different regularity authorities worldwide.

Following are the plus points of using lactose-free milk rather than consuming ordinary cow’s milk which contains lactose:

It treats your gut

If there is no lactose present in milk, the body will not have to show up any response. It will prevent loss of electrolytes through diarrhoea, weight loss, and stomach pain. The symptoms will vanish automatically.

An equal amount of Nutrients

The number of nutrients will remain even after the processing of milk. Therefore, no further addition or subtraction is done except for the digestion of lactose by lactase.

The drawbacks of Lactose-free milk

There is a saying that all that glitters is not gold. There are opposing points to every product. However, lactose-free milk has very few drawbacks. Some of them are as follows:

  • In processed milk, preservatives are used for their extended shelf life.
  • Artificial sweeteners give a yummy taste which leads to sugar cravings.

Take-Home Message

You have done the major part by consulting with your doctor and screening for the lactose test. Now you need to decide in the light of facts whether you need to follow your doctor’s instructions by using lactose-free milk or you want to bear the same pain? The choice is yours!