What Is Student Life Like In Edinburgh?

Starting university in Edinburgh is an extremely exciting time in a student’s life. Whether you are enrolled to University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier, or Heriot Watt, the student experience in Edinburgh is far from boring. This capital city is filled with places for you to visit and experience during your student years to make the most of every second. This article will take you through why this is the place to study, including the best student clubs in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Architecture

Studying, living, and working amongst some of the most historic architecture is just one of many reasons why people travel from all over the world to Edinburgh. The cobbled streets, old buildings, the castle, and unique appearance gives this city a uniqueness that is entirely its own. There are endless pieces of history gathered in the streets of the city that holds proud Scottish heritage.

Edinburgh Nightlife For Student Clubs

Edinburgh nightlife is split between two areas: Old Town and New Town. Among the two locations are endless clubs, pubs, bars, and restaurants that fit any vibe. Whether you are looking for weekday deals, or a sophisticated cocktail, Edinburgh has it all for you to choose from. There are student unions to choose from too, as well as pubs and bars that caters to everyone. Whether you are aiming for a late night out on the town or a chill after-class drink with friends, your options are endless.

Next To The Beach

Edinburgh is located on the coast, which means there are many great beaches near you. When the Scottish summer weather is on your side, take a short trip to the beach with friends after uni or plan your weekend for a sandy picnic. One of the most popular beaches near the city is Portobello Beach. Use this to your advantage when you need a deserved break away from uni work and the busy city life.

Great Transportation

Edinburgh is also known for its easy and convenient transportation lines. There are trains and buses which are interconnected all over the UK, making it easy to get away on a trip, and visit friends and family. Situated right in the middle of Edinburgh Waverly, there is a train station where you can hop on and off at your leisure. Train Lines also offer students some discounts and weekly/monthly deals to get around for a budget-friendly price.

Art And Culture Festivals

This city is home to one of the largest festivals for art and culture. The Fringe Festival usually lasts around 25 days and has been going on for 75 years. There is so much to do and see over the course of this time and there is something for everyone to get involved in. You can live right in the centre of it and experience endless fun and cultural education for over 20 days.