Business Meetings: The Things to Avoid Doing during Them

Business meetings are usually seen as the most boring part of office life. It can feel like you are

sitting in that boardroom for hours without ever really getting much done. They can be

uncomfortable, loud and boring – but more annoyingly – they are usually a mandatory and

important part of a business. In order to be successful, management will look at the people who are

engaging in meetings and taking an active stance to be part of them. Here’s what to avoid doing

during your next meeting:


Trying to complete other tasks such as paperwork during a meeting might seem like a great idea, but

in reality, it’s usually not. You may become so engrossed in the other work that you miss something

important from the meeting. The chances of you being caught out by the person leading the meeting

are also high. If you are trying to make your way up the company ladder, then paying full attention in

business meetings will be important.

Business Meetings

Talk to Your Friend

Having side conversations during a meeting is rarely a good idea. You may want to have a laugh and

joke with a colleague you’ve not seen all day, but this is highly disrespectful to the person leading

the meeting. You are not only ruining the meeting for yourself, but also for the people around you as

well, as they won’t be able to hear each other over your conversation.

Leave Business Meetings Early

Unless you have clearly stated to whoever is taking the meeting that you have other arrangements

before the meeting is over, don’t leave early. You may feel as if you’ve had enough or that it isn’t

worth your time. However, management will rarely see that side of it and will perceive you as

someone that doesn’t care and is rude.


You might not agree with what is being said, and that’s fine. But don’t start arguing during the

meeting. If you want to get your point across then wait until the end of the meeting or if the person

asks if anyone has any questions. When it does get around to you making a point then be

considerate, and don’t come off as abrasive.

Business Meetings


Call Someone Out

Don’t call individuals out during a meeting. This is very disrespectful and won’t improve the situation

in any manner. If you have a problem with someone then you should either let management know

or speak to that person individually in order to try and improve the situation.