Ways to Buy Your Blinds in The UK – Online Blind Companies & Beyond

Blind companies differ depending on their selection of pre-cut and custom blinds, materials used and services provided – some offer installation, while others require customers to install windows themselves.

Many retailers also provide a fit guarantee, meaning they will remake them to meet customer satisfaction if their blinds don’t fit correctly.

Online retailers

No matter your window treatment budget, online retailers like The Blind Company, Dunelm, and Argos provide abundant selections. However, their return and warranty policies may differ; some may not accept custom orders, while others offer limited lifetime warranties on customised purchases.

Although some online retailers provide only pre-cut blinds, most offer an extensive range of customisable blind options that can be sorted by brand, size, price, style and material. In addition, many offer free material samples delivered right to your home and flexible return policies – as well as physical retail locations providing shoppers with the chance to test products before purchasing.

Graywind and Blindster offer online retailers such as Graywind an easy solution by providing a Fit Guarantee service with a 30-Days Window of Remake for Perfect Fit Blinds. However, there may be a small shipping surcharge. This guarantee gives customers the confidence to purchase online without seeing them first-hand before placing orders with these retailers.

Big-box retailers

Big-box retailers, also known as megastores, sell various consumer goods at lower prices due to economies of scale and bulk purchasing power. Examples of such retailers include B&M, Argos, The Range and Ikea. On the other hand, smaller blind companies stores in the UK may compete by emphasising agility, adaptability, and customer service; manufacturers should optimise operations to meet different retail store needs.

Many consumers worry that big-box retailers will encroach upon smaller retail chains and local shops, but a closer examination reveals this is not necessarily true. On the contrary, big box stores are helping revitalise traditional malls and urban shopping districts while drawing investments in high-end office supplies and electronics superstores. However, many small retailers, especially those offering discounted merchandise, are currently struggling; according to TCS Basys Controls, a business solutions provider, these smaller retailers must focus on agility and efficiency to survive against larger rivals.

Big-box retailers present advantages and disadvantages to shoppers; ultimately, the decision lies with each shopper. While some may appreciate their convenience and wide selection, others prefer personal attention provided by local speciality shops or mom-and-pop shops. A wise shopper carefully weighs these aspects before making their final choice.

Buying blinds online

Window blinds can add the perfect finishing touch to any room, whether you want to block light, provide privacy or enhance its aesthetics. Selecting the ideal shade requires several critical considerations, including budget, style and material; online shopping makes comparing options easier to find one that fits in seamlessly with your space.

When purchasing window blinds, it’s best to do so from a retailer that specialises exclusively in them. Such retailers usually offer impressive selections and competitive prices; many even provide free material samples and flexible return policies. In addition, if you’re concerned about making an in-person decision without seeing exactly what’s being sold, online or offline, a consultation can help create purchasing decisions easier decisions.

Ikea, a famous Swedish furniture retailer specialising in home goods and kitchen items, provides an assortment of simple blinds. Their website features an easy search function that enables customers to narrow their options based on colour, price, installation type and light filtration characteristics – as well as providing handy guides on measuring windows for optimal results.

The Blind Company website provides another excellent resource for buying window blinds, with a comprehensive selection of styles, lengths and widths. Plus, they offer custom cut options if desired to ensure a more precise fit.