Handmade Gift Ideas For Loved Ones

Bath Bombs

Creating DIY bath bombs is easy, fun and a great idea for handmade gift giving. You can choose to use essential oils or dried flowers, and they can be easily customised with colours and fragrances. Even young children can participate in this project with supervision. Once you’ve created the recipe, the next step is to add water and mix everything together. Once finished, the bath bomb should resemble a powder.

Lotion Bars

DIY lotion bars are an excellent gift idea for anyone on your list this holiday season. These handcrafted items can be made at home using all natural ingredients and are inexpensive to make. These gifts are also fun to make with children. 

Monogram Mugs

You can make easy monogram mugs as handmade gift ideas in a snap. You can even make several of them and add them to a gift basket. You can also use glass paint markers to add a touch of creativity to the mug.

Personalised Placemats

Personalised placements can be made from a variety of materials, from cork board to fabric. The cork board is thicker than fabric, and it can be cleaned much easier than fabric. Choose a rectangular piece of cork board and use paint and stencils to create a unique design. Popular designs include swirls and geometric sections.

Photo Blankets

Photo blankets are a unique way to display photos. Some blankets feature multiple photos while others are made as a collage. Both methods allow the recipient to choose the photos they want to appear on the blanket and upload them. Users can choose an automated montage style or rearrange the photos manually to create a unique blanket.