Restaurant Design Inspiration for 2020

If you are planning on opening your own restaurant in 2020, or you have big plans for renovations, then our 2020 round up of trending restaurant designs in a must read.

Moving forward from 2019 there has been plenty of stand out designs from the year and lots of inspirational ideas for 2020.


This one is leading on directly from 2019 trends, which saw plenty of big and bold graphics as well as diagrams and infomercial type content.  Why not throw up rustic looking banner on one of your walls with a bold font and attention grabbing details about your restaurant of the food it serves.

Open Plan

While this may not be a new idea it is certainly one that is gaining traction leading into 2020.  Restaurants are starting to open up kitchens into the customer facing areas, and even other areas like a wine cellar or whisky tunnel.  Being close to the action is always aa good driver for customer spending, so make sure they feel involved.


Now this is a very broad topic, but if you can execute a colour scheme correctly your restaurant will look and feel amazing.  Current trends for colour variations include green schemes will lush green plants and a natural feel, as well as monochromatic and black and white themes that have more of a minimalist feel.


Stemming from the aforementioned minimalist theme, keeping it simple and not going overboard with your interior decorating is important for 2020.  Make sure you have a clear idea in mind of what the theme and feel of the restaurant is, and remember that it is important that your chosen design should ultimately match or compliment the cuisine that you serve.


Anything that you can display in your restaurant that is unique will usually get heads turning.  See if there are any local artists that you can collaborate with and showcase some of their work in your restaurant.