Get an Upholsterer Falkirk Restaurants Need

Repurposing and upcycling are trending hard right now.  More and more people are trying to remove themselves from the ‘throw-away culture’ that is rife in western countries, and they trying to lead a less wasteful life.  Upcycling is the act of taking something that would be otherwise discarded and giving it a new lease of life as something altogether new.  People also refer to it as creative reuse, which is exactly what it is. 

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It could be something as simple as using an old wine bottle as a candle holder, or the classic trend at the moment which takes an old wooden ladder with a lick of paint and transforms into a cool shelving solution.  While upcycling is a relatively recent trend, upholstery is a practice that has been around for years.  Upholstery is the art of building and designing furnature, and re-upholstery is the renovation of old furniture, usually by giving it new fabric and foam.  But how can an upholsterer Falkirk based help local restaurants?  Read on to find out.


Upholsterer Falkirk Giving New Life to Furniture

If you own a restaurant then you will know that generally table and chairs go through a lot during their time in the restaurant.  The sheer volume of people coming and going every day, not to mention spills and wear and tear that happens on a daily basis.  This means that furniture fabrics can very quickly look tired and uninviting, regardless of how well you try to keep them clean and tidy. Restaurants and cafes can use the services of a local upholsterer in Falkirk to transform the look and feel of their furniture and ultimately the overall feel of the restaurant itself. 

Upholsterer Falkirk

What Can Be Re-upholstered?

The main thing most people in the restaurant business will be looking to have re-upholstered is their chairs.  All types of fabric covered wooden chairs can be refitted with matching fabrics of your own choosing.  This represents a perfect time to choose a fabric pattern or colour that compliments the colour scheme and atmosphere in your dinning hall.  Many upholsterers also offer polishing and staining services, so if your wooden tables and chairs need a little bit of attention they can also take care of this. 

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Booths can also be re-upholstered, although the backs and bases of the booths will generally have to be removed for a day or two to complete the work.  If you have booths that are particularly tired then it might be worth having the backs and bases rebuilt so that is has fresh fabric and foam inside.  This also means that the booths backs and bases can simply be swapped out and should not disrupt the running of the restaurant. 

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Everyone knows that aesthetic is important in a dinning area.  If you have tired and worn out furniture that is spoiling the look of your restaurant, it is not always cost effective to replace them all for new items.  This is why re-upholstery presents the perfect solution for restaurants, all while doing it in an eco-friendly manner that does not send things to landfill.