Why You’ll Never Regret Eating Out In Glasgow

Glasgow is one of the world’s best up and coming cities. With its amazing street art in the famous Merchant City, to it’s global music scene in the West End – not to mention the amazing windy, raining west coast of Scotland weather…

Tourists from all over the world are flocking to experience the wonderful city of Glasgow. This has meant lots of cool and quirky foodie restaurants and bars have sprouted. From multicultural cuisine from Korea and India to specialised Gin and Cake cocktail bars – the choice is never ending!¬† Here’s why you’ll never regret eating out in Glasgow!

World Cuisine

the best indian restaurants when eating out in Glasgow

Glasgow is a welcoming multi cultural city with people from all over the world. The Dhabba is a well-known, recommended Indian restaurant in Glasgow’s glamorous Candleriggs in Merchant City. Experience authentic northern Indian cuisine before heading across the road to Merchant Square for some drinks underneath twinkly, sparkly lights. Experience a taste of Mexico at¬†Topolabamba with a side of margaritas and try some Korean inspired food in the quirky Bi Bim Bap. Whatever tickles your fancy there are a wide range of multicultural cuisine in Glasgow’s city centre.

People Make Glasgow

bars in glasgow

You must of heard the phrase ‘People Make Glasgow’?…no?

Against Edinburgh, Glasgow may not be a scenic however we do have that friendliness and humorous banter you will rarely find anywhere else in the world. The raw, dry sense of humour is what really makes Glasgow a unique place to visit and sets us apart from neighbouring Scottish tourist destinations. We love football, we love music, we love art and we love a drink. We will be happy to ‘show you aboot’ if you’re new to the city and we’ll drink to old friends in our local pub.

With three major universities and many colleges there is a huge student population in Glasgow – this means the night life is…LIVELY! The city centre is where you’ll find all the most popular clubs and bars, so put your glad rags on because we love a dance here in Glasgow!

From Brunch to After Dinner Drinks

coffee in glasgow

Whether you fancy a nice morning walk in the West End’s Kelvingrove or heading east for a gig at the Barrowlands there are some really unique places to eat, drink and socialise before hand. The west end areas of Partick and Finnieston are renowned for their brunch spots and artisan coffee shops. So pick up a cappuccino and pastry on Finnieston’s Argyle Street before checking out the Kelvingrove Art museum or pick up some ‘avo and eggs’ at hipster brunch spots around the west end area before strolling around the parks or along the famous river Clyde. Around one weekend a month there is a food festival called the Big Feed in the developing area of Govan in Glasgow’s West End. This brings small indie food vans together and an array of multi cultured cuisine in one place.

The east end, is famous for it more gritty, home grown, down to earth food and drink scene. Before a gig or a festival in Glasgow Green you must check out BaaD. It is hosted in a warehouse and old storage unit space and has been converted into an outdoor bar, sea food restaurant and event space – it’s really really cool!

Whatever reason brought you to the wonderful – ensure you leave with your belly full and smile on your face.