Finding Your Hygge In An Office Environment

Hygge – not ‘higgie’ ‘hoo-ga’ – is what everyone in wellness and lifestyle is talking about at the moment. Hygge is a Scandinavian concept or ‘way of life’ and embraces a happier, calmer lifestyle. Scandinavia is known for bitter and longer winters with some days getting no sunlight or daylight – just endless days of darkness. Taxes are high and ‘stuff’ is expensive – so why are these Scandinavian countries the happiest in the world?Us Brits could use a bit of Hygge as we too have cold and wet winters and high taxes. Working in an office can also be difficult for obvious reasons so here are ways you can find your Hygge.

What Actually Is Hygge?

Hygge derives from the Norwegian word for wellbeing, however the concept is mainly embraced by Danes in Denmark – the happiest country in the world. The concept of Hygge is to be happy with enough and creating a warm, safe environment. Concepts of Hygge include atmosphere, presence, togetherness, comfort, gratitude and harmony. By bringing these concepts into your daily routine you will feel more settled, content and ultimately happy all done through clothing, lighting, interiors and food.

Hygge is more about creating a a safe environment rather than about things. Its about being with friends and family, eating cake and watching Netflix without feeling guilty.

5 Tips On How You Can Bring Hygge To The Office

1. Hygge Wardrobe

During the winter months make sure you have some scarves and cosy jumpers to hand so that you stay warm in the office. Pop a pair of spare socks in your drawer at work just in case!

2. Move

Take every opportunity to move as much as you can as sitting at your desk for 7 or 8 hours a days can be so bad for your mobility and back. Change of scenery is another great idea so hold meetings or catch up in other areas of the building, outside or in a coffee shop.

3. Lunchtime

Make sure you get away from your desk at lunch time! Switch off from technology and try and take a walk outside. Try bond and connect with someone else in the office – making friendships.

4. Snacking

Sometimes snacks are the only way to get through a busy day. Make sure they are fulfilling and healthy. Bring in some home baking for all the office to try.

5. Lighting 1

Changing all the lighting in the office is probably not going to happen but buy a lamp for your own desk to create some atmosphere.