Our Top Winter Drinks

Mint Tea: It’s cold, but it’s also very popular. Mint tea is one of the more traditional cold drinks that is enjoyed by many people during the winter. It’s not just something you slip into your pocket and drink while you’re waiting for warm weather to arrive, but it’s also something that can be enjoyed throughout the whole year. The classic hot chocolate version with an apple cider vinegar and mint tea spiced up with cinnamon sticks is great for parties and holiday gatherings.

Hot Chocolate – Peppermint: This is one of those drinks that is more versatile than just hot chocolate. If you don’t like the hot chocolate taste but you enjoy the aftertaste of peppermint then you’ll love the peppermint tea version that is made with a blend of hot chocolate syrup, lemon, and cinnamon. This version of peppermint tea has a hint of spiciness and a very light touch of sweetness that makes it a delightful drink to serve to your guests. In fact, I often keep several packs of this around the house for those times when I need a pick-me-up and don’t want to go out.

Coffee: There are a ton of different coffee varieties that you can grab on the run and make ahead of time for a quick cold brew before you hit the snow. Our personal favourite is coffee flavoured with ginger ale or cinnamon tea.

Sparkling wines: This is one of those winter drinks that you don’t hear a lot about. But, if you have sparkling wine on hand then you should be prepared to serve your guests. Sparkling wines pair wonderfully with many of the fancy wines that are available in the fall and winter. If you haven’t picked up a bottle of this yet then you should start picking up some right now because they pair so well with many of the rich flavours in the drinks above.

Drinks You Can Drink Anytime: These are just a few of the various winter drinks that you can grab over the next few months. As the season warms up even cooler drinks can be found to enjoy. The spices in some of these drinks will also change as the season changes. Don’t forget that there is an assortment of different flavours to choose from too!

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