Cold Room Installation For Restaurants

Walk in cold rooms are a must for all hospitality venues that handle a large amount of food. To help you decide if you should invest in one or not, we are going to share our recent cold room installation experience with you. Managing the space in a restaurant’s kitchen can be a difficult challenge. If you didn’t design your entire venue from scratch, then the chances are that you’re most likely stuck with a small kitchen like us. Unfortunately, this seems to be a reoccurring theme. Over the years we have come across some of the biggest venues that have the tiniest kitchens. We’ve realised we can’t do much about the size of our kitchen unless we renovate the entire place and that can be a difficult challenge. We found upgrading our windows to triple glazing difficult enough so never mind a whole renovation. So instead, we have focused on putting as much thought as we can into making the most of the space and our recent cold room installation has made a huge difference to the overall size of the kitchen.

cold room installation

The Benefits of A Cold Room Installation 

Our cold room installation has completely changed the way we use the space in our kitchen. The ability to organise and store goods for any length of time is vital for all hospitals venues. Our cold room has expanded our capacity and reduce the need for daily deliveries, which has also helped to drive down our delivery costs. We are now able to buy more and store food more easily. This also means no more struggling when we are busy. We have enough food stored and when our restaurant gets hectic, we can easily find whatever we need. In a busy kitchen, this makes all the difference. We have noticed that the amount of waste our kitchen generates has also been greatly reduced because of our cold room installation.

cold room installation

Final Thoughts

We are absolutely delighted with our cold room installation and have found that cold rooms are just easier to maintain than other refrigeration systems. We decided to invest in one because the Covid-19 pandemic has made us realise that it is more important than ever before to store food in a hygienic and sanitary space. When looking at these walk-ins, you need to look at the size, the dimensions and where the room is going to be placed. This will help you decide on the right type and model for your kitchen. There are many new walk in coolers that are made today so you will definitely be able to find one that suits your specific needs. Make sure to look into the features and benefits and compare them to find out which one will work best for you. Final tip, always choose a refrigeration company that offers a good warranty. This way you can make sure your expenses are covered if anything was to happen.