Personalized Wedding Cake Decorations

A personalised wedding cake topper is one of the most unique and elegant gifts that you can buy for your wedding cake. Whether you went for an elaborate tiered cake, a multitude of cupcakes or even something a bit more dramatic, personalised cake toppers really stand out on top of almost any design.

They can be used as centrepieces on top of the wedding cake, or they can be used as decorations around the wedding reception area. They can be used in any of these areas to add a touch of class to your wedding celebrations. Your personalised wedding cake topper will look great in any of these areas, and you will always have something very special to look at each time you look at it. It’s a really simple concept and really easy to get right if you plan carefully.

Customising Your Cake

Personalised wedding cake toppers are usually made from either acrylic or crystal. Acrylic is a very popular choice for personalised wedding cake toppers, as it is easy to create and it can also be cheaper than some of the other options. However, the main drawback with acrylic is that it’s not durable and can break easily if it has a strong adhesive side on it. Some of the better brands will use only high quality craftsmanship in their products, so that’s another reason why you may want to choose them. If you do want acrylic, however, make sure you protect it well from sunlight so that your cake topper doesn’t get damaged.

More Variations Of Wedding Cake Toppers

As for crystal, it looks absolutely stunning, but it’s very expensive and it may not be practical for many couples as it tends to be quite heavy. If it’s something that you really want then it’s worth researching the different varieties of crystals available and choosing a style that suits your budget. Personalised wedding cake toppers don’t have to be just icing on the cake – there are so many different options available that you can have a lot of fun. Just think of all the happy memories you’ll have for your big day, and think about what would be perfect for you.

There are so many different styles to choose from that there’s no need to limit yourself to traditional bows and flowers if you like. You could choose ribbons instead, or you could have the name of the happy couple printed on the ribbon, or even the wedding date. Or you could go for the traditional sparkle of icing… A lot of couples who are having their wedding on Christmas will also choose personalised wedding cake toppers that have a shiny silver or gold bow surrounding a colourful pattern. This is a very traditional style and it will look lovely on a white decorated wedding cake.

Other Ways To Personalise Your Cake

For something more unusual, why not have a photo on the ribbon? Many people will have a photograph taken by a wedding photographer which they then place on a leaf for everyone to see at the wedding reception. If you want a similar photo, but which is going to look a lot more unique, why not have a photo put on a rustic wooden plaque? These can be bought from most DIY stores, and you can even get them custom made if you know exactly what design you want. Rustic wooden plaques are a very stylish and unique option for your wedding cake toppers, and you may well find that these will be more popular than traditional ribbons.