Tips On How to Help Senior Citizens Learn How to Use Tablets

Find Out What They Already Know About Computers and Technology

The seniors in your life might not need as much help as you previously thought. If they have a slight understanding just teach them what they need to start using it so they can explore it themselves.

Get Tools That Will Be Useful for the Tablet

Tablets can be expensive and are pretty delicate. Purchasing accessories such as a screen protector, a protective case and a stylus can all be helpful tools to help them start using their device. Especially if you are worried about the tablet getting dropped or broken. A stylus will help if the person has shaky hands.

Teach Them How to Find Applications They Want to Download From the App Store

You should assume that seniors will be able to use the search feature during the app installation process. Teach them how to do it, getting them involved from the start will help them learn even further and develop a greater understanding.

They May Be Unsure of What Applications They Will Enjoy

If they are unsure about what apps they want, then you can always show them a selection of different apps, gaming apps, puzzles, news. Get them set up with things that they might enjoy, then they can start doing it themselves.

They May Be Worried to Put Their Personal Information Online

As well as teaching them how to use the tablet, teach them about tablet safety. Teach them about password protection and look into using a password service. This can not only save usernames and passwords, they can also generate safe passwords to prevent them from getting hacked. Some seniors may want to write down these usernames and passwords and put them in a safe place.

Getting a Tracking Application on the Device Could Be Useful

Adding and activating a tracking application will help in the event that the tablet was ever stolen. You could simply track the device which can be really useful.

Don’t Go Overboard with Adding Applications

For seniors with little to no experience with tablets, they may be overwhelmed with their being a lot of applications on the screen. Find ones that you both agree would be good to start off with and build up from there.

Help Them Learn the Lingo

Terms like “cookies” and “URL” may be foreign territory to your senior.  It’s easy to assume that they would know cause many other people do, but this may not be a case. Be sure they understand what you’re talking about.

Inform Them That Not All Apps Are Free

Let them know that some apps will charge after the “trial period” has ended, and some may have in-app purchases. This will hopefully cut down on the unexpected bank account charges. Show them how password protection can prevent them from making any unwanted purchases.

Don’t Talk Down to Them or Make Them Feel Like You Are

If you make them feel uncomfortable about learning how to use a tablet, then they’ll probably feel it’s easier to go on as they are and not learn how to use it. They may not have wanted to ask for help in the first place and if they feel like they are being talked to like a child they aren’t going to want to learn.