Office Habits That Will Improve Your Work

Working in an office can be difficult. Being in the same surroundings with the same people five days a week can get a bit monotonous. By developing good office habits you can ensure that you don’t start to become frustrated by your working environment and will help your work output continue to be of a high standard. These eight habits will improve your life in the workplace:

1.      Be Punctual

Sleeping in and getting the later train may seem like the good option at the time. However, being early and/or on time to work will actually help you. It gives you time to get settled, make a cup of coffee and prepare for the day that you have got ahead of you. Being the first to attend meetings will give the perception to your superiors that you are hardworking and passionate about work. It may even mean that they consider you for a promotion and that pay rise you’ve been eyeing.

2.      Use Your Initiative

Get in the habit of using your initiative around the office. Even if it’s a simple task like filling up the kettle in the break room so other people don’t have to. This will not only be appreciated by your colleagues but help you start getting in the routine of using initiative. You will then start to see yourself using initiative in more complex tasks, meaning that your work benefits.

3.      Be Organised and Clean

There is always at least one person in an office that you can’t see the desk from paperwork and rubbish. Don’t let this be you. Make sure that your desk and drawers are clean and well organised. This will help you find items that you need quickly, as well as ensuring that your workspace isn’t the eyesore of the office. Labelling everything can also be helpful as it will help you not to lose things while also being able to locate them faster.

4.      Make Your Own Systems

Most organisations will have systems in place for the tasks that employees have to carry out. Whilst it is important for you to learn these also make your own systems for tasks that don’t have one in place. This will help you complete tasks that you do on a regular basis easier and quicker. You can also make small adjustments to existing systems and tailor them to your skillset so that they suit you more.

5.      Be a Problem Solver

Be the person in the office that solves problems for other people and not the person that creates them for everyone. Giving feedback to other employees – constructively – will not only improve the work that you both do but improve your working relationship. They will appreciate that you have taken the time out your day to help them and the office will benefit.

6.      Get Your Paperwork Done

One of the worst sites that can be seen around an office is a massive pile of paperwork on someone’s desk. By teaching yourself to complete paperwork right away you can avoid it building up. Wouldn’t you rather only spend a few minutes doing it every so often than having to spend a long time on it at once?

7.      Become a Team Player

Build relationships around the office. You might only see them at work but these are the people that you are spending most the day with. If you show them that you care then work life will improve as people will be willing to do more for you. If you don’t get on with a person in the office then try as hard as you can to make your working relationship amicable.