Business Meetings: The Things to Avoid Doing during Them

Business meetings are usually seen as the most boring part of office life. It can feel like you are

sitting in that boardroom for hours without ever really getting much done. They can be

uncomfortable, loud and boring – but more annoyingly – they are usually a mandatory and

important part of a business. In order to be successful, management will look at the people who are

engaging in meetings and taking an active stance to be part of them. Here’s what to avoid doing

during your next meeting:…

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Review of South Indian Restaurant Merchant City Glasgow

People make Glasgow and the people of Glasgow love Indian food. Glaswegians love Indian food so much that there is an abundance of Indian restaurants and takeaways available at every Glasgow locale. In a market with such extensive competition, how can one establishment stand out amongst the rest and win enough of the custom to excel? Dakhin is a South Indian restaurant in Merchant City Glasgow that promises to bring a dining experience that is unlike any other in the region. Read on to find out how this is achieved.…

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Reasons Why Canada Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination

Finding the right holiday destination can be difficult. There is so much choice out there that it can be overwhelming. Everyone has different interests – even with in families or friend groups. Whilst some people may want to spend their whole holiday laying on a beach, others prefer to see the sights and get a taste of the local culture. There is a place that offers such variety that it may well be the perfect place for everyone – Canada. Here are some of the reasons why the second largest country in the world is the perfect place for your next vacation:…

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Interview Tips: How to Get the Job

There is nothing more daunting than having to go on a job interview. Selling your skills and personality to a complete stranger – or even worse, multiple strangers – is an unwanted task for most people. From picking out what to wear or fretting about how you are going to get there, everyone has their worries when that interview comes around. That’s why we have decided to give you some interview tips so that you can be as prepared as possible when the day comes around again.…

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How to Stay Healthy at the Office

Working full time can make it difficult to stay healthy. If you suffer from stress caused by your job then it can lead you to eat impulsively in attempt to relieve the pressure. Also if you are feeling tired from working hard it can be extremely difficult to make the effort to exercise. Plus there is the obvious downside of sitting all day. However it is possible to have a healthy, balanced lifestyle while working. Follow these tips to stay healthy at the office and set yourself off on the path to a healthier, happier life.…

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